Ultra High Definition 4K and 6K Video and Post Production

Media4K was founded by a group of professionals with the goal of providing a wide array of production services at reasonable rates to guarantees your project's quality from beginning to end. Owning our own production equipment; including two Red Epic Dragons, Zeiss Cinema Prime Lenses, Aerial Drone Services, and Professional Lighting; you will save considerable costs on your project. This recipe for success guarantees lower production costs while our technical knowledge and complete post production services ensures the writer's and director's vision stay locked in place through the whole process.

From the concept to the screen Media4K can take your project from production to post-production with the highest quality imagery up to 6K resolution. During pre-production we can help shape and set up story-board to maximize production time and ensure visual success through post-production. As a producer, Sean has impact on any project understanding the art from the business end to the technical side. When you work with Sean you get his best at every moment from the start to the end and his contribution to the finished product is invaluable. With unlimited creative energy and vast technical information he's always stimulating the thought process from every angle. Media4K is always thinking of setting up the post-production from the start of a project which is necessary to achieve the highest quality. This is a recipe for success and keeps the client's/director's vision in place through the entire process. Clients include: New Balance, Stihl, N.Y. Jets, Ernie Boch, EcoScooter and more...

The founder, Sean MacDonald started Media4K by purchasing two RED cameras and cinema lenses to make his first movie called "Hurricane Chasers". Based in Boston he travels from NY to LA, as well as internationally for a variety of corporate video and media projects. His love for creating art ranges from cinematography to post production and original sound. The main things that separate Sean and his business Media4K from other companies are: 1. Sean owns and operates RED Epic Dragon Cameras with Zeiss CP2 Cinema Prime Lenses keeping costs much lower than competitors that must rent the equipment and then charge the client extra; 2. He has a natural eye for lighting and camera movement with a relentless pursuit of perfection to be the best at all times; 3. His ability to film as an athlete working magic filming hand-held or on rollerblades; 4. His full comprehension of post-production and how to set up the project from the onset to ensure success.